Company Profile

FORSEV comprises 2 huge halls:
- the Forging – Hammers – Cutting and the Secondary Heat Treatment Hall;
- the Machining Hall.

The Forging Hammers Hall was finished in 1986, but the main equipment have been put into operation in 1987. They are the following: die forging hammers of 2.5 to; 10 to; 25 to; 40 to and free forging hammers of 2 to; 3 to and 5 to. The production capacity of this section is about 18,000 to/year.

The Hall of Machining, with devices of machining through cutting, was put into operation in 1988.

Since its privatization, S.C. FORSEV S.A. is well–oriented to the client and his requirements, a company interested in gaining field on the domestic market, but especially on the foreign ones.