Our offer

Based on its own production equipments, Forsev is manufacturing the following categories, but not only (the list remains open to all needs of our clients):

- die forging products, with weight between 3 kg and 450 kg (head bearings and lower bearings, traction hooks, axes, etc – for the railway industry; connecting rods; traction hooks; 2-parts connecting rods – for the shipping engines industry; pinions, toothed wheels, ring gears, axles – for the machines constructions industry (fittings); valves, hoods, flanges, etc. for the oil industry);
- free forging products (with rough-machining possibilities) with weight between 14 kg and 2,000 kg, length between 50 mm and 1,500 mm and diameters between 30 mm and 600 mm;
- free or die forging products made of aluminum with weight between 1 kg - 150 kg;
- machined products;
- dies and trimming tools with maximum weight of 5,000 kg.

The products from the categories mentioned above are manufactured at any grade of complexity and at high quality. Needless to say, our supplier’s selection is based on their raw materials’ quality. Last, but not the least, the delivery is done as blank forged parts and on a flexible production schedule, upon agreement with our clients.